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Give the Gift of Home

We are committed to creating more opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. As a community, we are facing unique challenges in the Bay Area as capacity remains limited and needs continue to rise. Coupled with the fact small licensed care homes are in decline, parents have limited options. This is our driving force – creating those opportunities one home at a time.

For just $100 a month, you can help us kick-start the first phase of our next home in 2022.

Help us give the gift of home. Join or renew your 1200 Club Membership today!

1200 | Twelve Hundred Club Members

Margaret & Maniam Alagaratnam
Thomas & Janice Berthold
John & Priscilla Chase
Paul & Liu-Jen Chu
Greg Dalzell
Tejasvi Devaru
Thomas & Bianca Estrada
Deborah A. Faryniarz, MD
Mike Fodor
Kathy Frankland
Beverly Powell-Goldman & Michael Goldman
Amanda & Michael Good
Mark & Francine Goodwin
Jing Guo
Laura Hofstadter & Leonard Shar
Dana Hooper & Alicia Swanson
Phyllis Ishida
Kirkorian Family Foundation

Maurice Leibenstern
Doug & Debbie Lesser
Susan LeRitz & Alan Palmer
Rhica Marquez
Charlie & Kim Mayman
Steven & Bonnie Mello
Sally & Brian Mickel
Todd & Holly Mickel
Roxane Mortensen
Krista Lyn Moy
Murugan & Sita
John & Devonne Pencer
Richard & Rebekah Penrose
Michael & Elizabeth Phillips
Sue & Jim Punches
Kimberly Richman
Carlene Schmidt
Angie Speulda

Leo and Rose Torreano
Joan S. Underwood
Tina & Walter Underwood
Robert & Olenka Villarreal
Christine Wang
Mary K. Wang
Lisa and Jim Zuegel
Elsie Fan
Mike Saltz
Charlene Liao
Lillian Lesnick
Deborah & Stephen Emond
Nena Montgomery & Michael Edson
Amanda Hernandez
Spencer Goldman
Greg Petty
Gerald & Renee Fisher
Amy & Mark Milani

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