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100+ Women Who Care Silicon Valley
Margaret and Maniam Alagaratnam
Thomas and Janice Berthold
John and Priscilla Chase

Paul and Liu-Jen Chu
Greg Dalzell
Tejasvi Devaru
Thomas and Bianca Estrada
Deborah A. Faryniarz, MD
Mike Fodor
Kathy Frankland
   Beverly Powell-Goldman and Michael Goldman
Amanda and Michael Good
Francine Goodwin
Jing Guo
Laura Hofstadter and Leonard Shar
Dana Hooper and Alicia Swanson
Phyllis Ishida
Kirkorian Family Foundation
Maurice Leibenstern
Doug and Debbie Lesser
Los Gatos Rotary Charities
Susan LeRitz and Alan Palmer
Rhica Marquez
Charlie and Kim Mayman
Steven and Bonnie Mello
Sally and Brian Mickel
Todd and Holly Mickel
Roxane Mortensen
Krista Lyn Moy

Murugan and Sita
John and Devonne Pencer
Richard and Rebekah Penrose
Michael and Elizabeth Phillips
Sue and Jim Punches
Kimberly Richman
Carlene Schmidt
Angie Speulda
Leo and Rose Torreano
Joan S. Underwood
Tina and Walter Underwood
Robert and Olenka Villarreal
Christine Wang
Mary K. Wang
Lisa and Jim Zuegel

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