Growth Through Community


In September of 2014, LSA launched the Community Integration Training Program (CITP) to help clients transition from traditional educational programs to more independent pursuits.

A community- based program, the mission was to focus on the development of each individual’s unique vocational skills, strengthen self-confidence and foster a sense of independence through volunteer opportunities.

CITP’s Program Manager Timi Warikoru, has been instrumental in creating the individualized activity plans from the start. “The program was implemented to enhance and enrich the lives of our clients by providing meaningful activities aimed at developing different skill sets for work, social/recreational, and functional living.”

Maintaining an intimate 1:3 staff ratio during each activity, the LSA team has been able to nurture each individual’s needs through the activities they enjoy most.

CITP“I love that I go to the senior center because it’s a lot of fun and lets me forget about other stuff that concerns me. I love being around the people that I know and meet.” – Audrey (participant)

Working together five-hours a day, Monday – Friday year-round, the staff and clients have formed some incredible bonds. “What I love about working with CITP is that I get to teach them life skills while out in the community to help them become more independent.

I enjoy their company and learning from them as well,” said CITP trainer Abigail Diaz. “I think the benefit of having a community-based program is they get to socialize with new and different people every day, while enjoying activities they like – bowling, golf land, malls and the gym.”CITP

Whether gardening at the Milpitas Food Pantry and Westhope Church, or working at RAFT, the day program has empowered clients to participate in meaningful and fun experiences to develop their sense of independence in community settings.

Looking forward to the future, the CITP staff all expressed pride in the strides each participant has made since beginning the program.

“Our biggest accomplishment is providing opportunities for our clients and seeing them reach their personal goals,” said Warikoru.

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If you would like to help support the CITP program to help adults with developmental disabilities, like Audrey, go to Thank You!

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