5 Common Questions Asked about LSA Homes and Day Programs 

1. What are LSA homes like? 

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LSA homes are Community Care Facilities (CCF) that are the size of a single-family home. LSA homes are located in residential communities throughout Santa Clara County and are large enough to house four to six residents. Residents typically have their own bedroom but in some cases may share a large bedroom with one other individual. Residents are invited to decorate their room to their liking. To learn more about CCF’s, follow the link here.

To provide safe ADA-compliant housing, LSA homes are renovated to provide full accessibility which might look like having open living spaces, grab bars in the shower, and wide doors and ramps for wheelchair accessibility.

LSA’s goal is to open one home per year which requires a lot of funding for the purchase of the home, renovations, and furnishing. Creating capacity for this marginalized community can only be accomplished with your help. Help further LSA’s mission of providing exceptional living and programs for adults with developmental disabilities by donating today.  

2. Staffing the Home

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LSA devotes endless hours in the recruitment and hiring process for screening, hiring, and training care providers in each home that are with residents 24/7. LSA residents have the right to a number of consultation hours whether they be with a dietician, recreational therapist, or other professionals to help residents develop positive social skills and live healthy lifestyles. LSA homes have a 1:3 staffing-to-client ratio and in special cases a 1:1. LSA strives to provide LSA residents and their families with the absolute best care. 

3. Are there requirements an individual must meet to live in an LSA home?

LSA primarily serves individuals who are San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) clients, though it is possible to transfer services from another regional center. To become a Regional Center client you must meet requirements set by SARC. For SARC intake and services information, click here. Additionally, LSA provides services for adults specifically, therefore residents must be 18 years or older. To determine if an individual’s needs can be met by LSA, ask your SARC Service Coordinator to determine their level of need.

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4. Are family members allowed to visit?  

Yes! We invite families to maintain close relationships with their loved one while they live in an LSA home. While families are welcome to drop by any time, our residents live fulfilling lives and their days are often quite scheduled. Becoming familiar with their schedule or communicating with their Home Administrator will help you find the best time to visit your loved one. Just as you’re welcome to visit, your loved one is also welcome to visit you for weekend trips, family vacations, or just a fun afternoon.

5. What day programs do you offer? 

LSA offers two types of day programs. One is community based and the other is an in-home. 

Our community-based program is called the Community Integration Training Program (CITP). This program provides opportunities to develop life skills and independence through volunteer work in the community. The program has a 1:3 staffing ratio with a 1:1 if needed. Some examples of volunteer opportunities include landscaping, culinary services, and computing. The CITP program has volunteered in locations such as the Santa Clara Senior Center and Westhope Presbyterian Church. Pick-up and drop-off transportation is available. 

Want to learn more about CITP?

Maggie Rosas
Program Director
Phone (408) 661-2146
Email: mrosas@lsahomes.org

The in-home day program is for residents whose health and support needs prohibit them from attending an external program. Mental stimulation and physical exercise are provided so they can develop skills and maintain their health. Specialized consultants such as dietitians, psychologists, or physical therapists are also utilized to support residents in achieving their goals.

Want to learn more about our in-home day program?

Sharmean Heffernan
Program Director
Phone: (408) 728-9610
Email: sheffernan@lsahomes.org

To learn more about our programs, click here

For more commonly asked questions check out our FAQ page https://www.lsahomes.org/frequently-asked-questions/