Client Stories


Flourishing Family – Meet Natalie and Priscilla

Priscilla & Natalie
More than two decades ago, LSA McKendrie Home twins Priscilla and Natalie were born at just 27 weeks. At four months old, they began showing signs of both epilepsy and cerebral palsy. With their enduring medical needs such as gastronomy tubes, tracheal tubes, and for Priscilla, a visual impairment, their mother Jennie knew that the twins would need specialized care as they approached adulthood.

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The Drive to Thrive – Meet Amber

When Amber was just three months old, she contracted spinal meningitis. The illness left her profoundly deaf, visually impaired, and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As she grew up, however, she continually surpassed the limited expectations doctors set for her.

Amber’s family knew she would flourish in an independent living environment, but her unique challenges made it extremely difficult to find the right place. Then they discovered LSA.

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Celebrating an Active Life Style – Meet Pam


When Pam arrived at LSA’s Rivermark Home, she couldn’t walk due to being extremely underweight and weak.  She also struggled with seizures and was in and out of the hospital because of persistent infections.

With recommendations by our dietitian, a personalized exercise program developed by our physical therapist, and caring LSA staff who implemented her program daily, Pam is back on her feet again and thriving!

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