Meet Amber

Years ago, when Amber was just three months old, she contracted spinal meningitis. The illness left her profoundly deaf, visually impaired, and diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

As she grew up, however, she continually surpassed the limited expectations doctors set for her. Lots of hard work by family members and some outstanding organizations helped, but most of all, it was Amber’s drive that enabled her success. To this day, she continues to push herself to learn new things, have new experiences and work her way into the hearts of everyone she meets.

Over the years, Amber went through many programs to help her development, but as she grew older, her family wanted more for her. They wanted her to be able to live her best life possible. Amber’s family knew she would flourish in an independent living environment, but her unique mix of challenges made it extremely difficult to find the right place. Then they discovered LSA, where compassionate care and support is provided 24/7 in cases like Amber’s.

In-Home Programs are customized for each individual’s abilities and achievable goals are set. Once LSA staff met Amber, they immediately fell in love (as does everyone who meets her it seems!) and found the perfect place for her – the brand new Jordan-Bennett Home. Since moving in, Amber has positively thrived. She brings joy and smiles to everyone while helping her housemates whenever she can. Her drive to succeed is evident in everything she does. She really likes going on all the fun outings to places like Hakone Gardens, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo and Great America.

Amber’s Uncle Todd is especially fond of her, too, and loves being her champion. “Amber has been a blessing in our lives for over 21 years now,” he says. “Having a place where she can have family come to visit at HER house is more than any of us could ever hope for.”