An Update On Amber

Everything You could Hope For and More

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We first learned about Amber here when she joined LSA in 2020. It’s time for an update! 

Whether Amber is out participating in LSA’s Community Integration Training Program (CITP)or at home relaxing with her housemates, you’ll find her engaging in anything she does with a warm smile. Staff would agree her smile is contagious! Before joining LSA, Amber spent many years attending programs to support her development. At three months old, Amber contracted spinal meningitis which left her profoundly deaf, visually impaired, and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

Unlike other illnesses, the marks of meningitis are not always visible. An individual’s journey dealing with this can sway in different directions. Learning and behavior challenges may be a part of this road as well. Limited expectations are often set by doctors for individuals experiencing such conditions. Unbeknownst to Amber’s doctors drive and support from her loved ones would help her surpass any sort of benchmark. 

Joining LSA has only continued to help Amber flourish and meet her goals. Amber lives at LSA’s Cambrian home and is housemates with four other wonderful ladies. Everyone in the home participates in either an in-home or community day program. Amber is part of LSA’s CITP program and enjoys spending her weekdays with her peers, either indoors or outdoors, engaging with and helping the community. 

Participants of CITP have community service opportunities in fields such as landscaping, culinary services, office tasks, and organizing library books. Amber and other CITP participants grow in their personal development whether that be through social skills, health, fitness, or life skills education. 

Of course it can’t be all work and no play. Each LSA home gathers its residents in celebration of holidays. You’ll find Amber and her peers with LSA staff taking group pictures or doing some fun arts and crafts activities. Other than the holidays, the Cambrian ladies also really enjoy taking trips. They took a trip to Disneyland with LSA staff and Rivermark 1 residents. It was such a fun and magical experience for everyone indeed! 

Amber is thriving and her peers, family, and staff can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes. We ended our last article of Amber with her Uncle Todd’s sentiment, “Having a place where she can have family come to visit at HER house is more than any of us could ever hope for.” 

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