Fund a Van

Forty percent of the clients we serve use wheelchairs – many requiring additional care when traveling due to ventilators, tracheostomies, g-tubes, and other medical equipment. Dependable transportation that allows us to accommodate each individual’s specific needs is paramount for daily living.

With twelve homes, our fleet of vehicles are always in use and receive a lot of wear and tear. LSA residents are constantly on the go – traveling to visit family, day programs, doctors, shops, parties at other sites, and day trips.

This year, we need to purchase two new wheelchair accessible vans. As you can imagine, these vehicles are highly-customized to provide the safest and most comfortable travel experience for each resident. Every detail in design choice can mean a world of difference to someone in a wheelchair. Due to the unique features required, the cost to purchase each van is almost $40,000!

Accessible transportation is a basic need for all of us. With your support, residents will be able to participate in daily life without limitations.