Greg Dalzell

Greg Dalzell – LSA Board Member

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Greg Dalzell

Several years ago, when working in a high-tech company in San Jose, I received a call from an employee of LSA regarding an open Board position. I had indicated my interest through a third-party service, and promptly received a call. Having raised a special needs child of my own, I was acutely aware of challenges that families faced, and from the information I was able to gather on LSA, it seemed as though the organization was focused on several of the major challenges. The Executive Director of LSA, Dana Hooper, arranged a meeting with me, which included an on-site visit to see one of their local homes.

My visit with Dana was eye-opening. I had been exposed to a variety of organizations and volunteers during my time with my son, and had always been impressed with the dedication of these people.  Dana’s explanation of his team and the organization’s structure more than piqued my interest; my visit to the LSA home confirmed my commitment. This home displayed a heart and soul unlike any I’d seen in a similar setting. The staff was dedicated and hard-working, and the residents were more than happy – it was clear that they had a sense of belonging. It was in the most basic sense an extended family.

Donors provide a key ingredient in allowing this organization to continue to grow.  Everyone living in the Bay Area understands the challenge with finding safe, affordable housing. LSA utilizes contributions from donors to buy and operate new homes, and even in the time I’ve been with the organization, the cost of purchasing suitable housing has more than doubled. However, that hasn’t stopped LSA from continuing to grow, and continuing to serve the needs of the developmentally disabled population in the San Jose area and beyond.

The organization now has many more homes than when I first joined the Board nine years ago, but the staff and organization as a whole continue, together with the unique individuals fortunate enough to call themselves residents, to provide the nourishing warmth and love that define an LSA home. It’s refreshing to find, if even every once in a while, an organization that restores your faith in the level of “good” that people are able to provide, and it’s this reason that I will continue to support LSA as best I can by continuing to promote the value that this unique organization provides to our community.

To make a difference in the life of an adult with IDD in your community,  join me at LSA’s annual Home is Where the Heart is fundraising event on May 20. To register for this free event or make a donation, click the button below.