Housing Options for South Bay Area Residents with Developmental Disabilities 

At three months old, Amber contracted spinal meningitis which left her profoundly deaf and visually impaired. Just shortly after, Amber was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As a child with a developmental disability grows older, families become concerned about what their future living situation will look like. Amber’s family reached that point and knew they wanted her to live her best life while living in a safe, secure, and accessible home. They eventually found all of this and more at LSA. 

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Housing options for I/DD individuals have changed significantly over the years from institutional based settings to more integrated community and supportive housing. Families such as Amber’s are favoring residential group homes and see it as the better option to help their loved one live a quality life. It’s important to consider the different housing options and assess which one will serve your loved ones needs the best. 

Here’s a bullet point overview between the different popular housing options for I/DD individuals:

Supported Living

  • Live independently as possible
  • Subsidized housing
  • Access to supportive services
  • Individual determines what services they need
  • Person centered approach 

Shared Living Arrangements 

  • Lives with another host family in their own home
  • Integrated and community based 
  • Host family is given training based on the person’s needs
  • Sense of belonging

Integrated Community Living 

  • Inclusive culture 
  • Experience greater autonomy and self determination
  • Increased participation in the community
  • Growth in social relationships between peers 
  • More recreation and employment opportunities

You’ll find many forward thinking housing options like these for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities throughout the South Bay. The demand for these types of homes is only increasing in number. At LSA we offer 15 residential care homes which are licensed as community care facilities (CCF)  by CA Dept. of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division. These homes are located in Santa Clara County, CA. LSA creates homes that provide a warm family-like environment where the focus centers on encouraging each client’s personal growth, building community, and enjoying life. The goal is to grow by one home each year which will help increase the housing capacity in Santa Clara County for I/DD individuals. We count on the support of the community to make this goal possible. Please consider making a contribution to help change someone’s life, like Amber. 

Take a look at this list of other organizations in San Jose and the surrounding South Bay that are also addressing the I/DD housing shortage: 

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