I/DD Topics & Trends 2022

I/DD Topics & Trends 2022

Thanks to all of our speakers for sharing such great insight into trending topics within the I/DD community. If you missed any of our summer webinars, see below for recordings and transcripts from each session.

Kalisha Webster

Identifying Systemic Inequities & Areas for DEI Opportunities Within the Housing/Placement Process for the I/DD Community

Kalisha Webster, Senior Housing Advocate at Housing Choices

Jill Escher

Housing & Care Obstacles of Severely Autistic Individuals

Jill Escher, President of National Council on Severe Autism & Past President of SF Autism Society, Manager of Claradon Properties LLC


Providing Resources & Employment Opportunities to I/DD Individuals

Chip Huggins, President & CEO of Hope Services

Scott Mendel

Advocacy & Choice for I/DD Individuals

Scott Mendel, Board Chairman of Together for Choice

Lawerence Fung

Neurodiversity Trends in Companies and Jobs

Lawrence Fung, Director of the Stanford Neurodiversity Project