Labor of Love

Last month we bid adieu to Program Director Angie Speulda as she embarked on her next adventure – retirement!

LSA was lucky enough to have her on board for more than eleven years, but her impact in our community began thirty-nine years ago at Agnews Developmental Center.

After serving in the army as a helicopter mechanic, Angie heard about a great opportunity at the center for a six-month position. She instantly fell in love with the work and was offered a permanent job once she obtained a Psychiatric Technician License. She immediately started school in 1980 and remained at Agnews until joining LSA in 2007.

During the center’s closure, Angie was instrumental in helping LSA lay the groundwork for all five of its ARFPSHN homes for medically fragile clients. Working tirelessly with Dana Hooper, the two hired nearly seventy staff in one quarter! “Many of her employees from Agnews followed her to LSA – a true testament to her work,” stated Hooper. “She always fostered a family environment with her team, and that’s why they stayed.”

Through the years, Angie’s dedication and connection to the residents, family, and staff allowed lives to flourish in loving homes. “She possesses a kind heart, the best ears to listen and huge hands to help,” stated Jemma Duguma, Program Administer at McKendrie.

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A fierce advocate who cares deeply about each resident, she helped many families navigate the transition into an LSA home – guiding and supporting them through each step. “I like frank honesty, and Angie exemplifies
that. She’s been a central, reliable member of my son’s care team for nearly ten years. When we would talk, she listened to you with complete focus, and a kind, empathetic heart,” stated one parent. “Can’t think of anyone more deserving of a joyful retirement.” Another family echoed the same sentiments, “Angie always puts the clients first. I could tell that she cared from the bottom of her heart for them and that it wasn’t just a job
for her.”

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We are so grateful for the foundation that Angie helped build at LSA and celebrate the incredible impact she had on so many individuals who didn’t have a voice in our community. “Angie’s compassion, aptitude, and humor combined made for great program directing. Certainly, these gifts will pave the way for a wonderful retirement!” stated a McKendrie parent. “We wish her the very best!! Many blessings to come!!”