Mason’s Story

Dear Friends,

Life Services Alternatives (LSA) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. With the support of our donors, employees, volunteers and Board of Directors, we have accomplished a great deal during those 20 years. We have grown to 15 homes and a day program that serve 90 adults with developmental disabilities. Our homes provide each individual with a great place to live and the support they need to improve the quality of their life and to thrive.

 In 2022 we have much to celebrate:


1.We were able to get back to in-person events and community outings. We held a 20th anniversary fundraising celebration at the Triton Museum, as well as LSA’s Run Home at Vasona Park that enabled us to end our fiscal year well above goal.  

2.We received two grants that helped us save costs and help the environment. We installed solar panels at two of our homes with a third home scheduled. 

3.A generous grant enabled us to buy new furniture for our homes. 

4.Some of our residents participated in constructing a mural for the Magical Bridge Park in Sunnyvale.

5.For the second year, we held our popular informative series, I/DD Topics and Trends which keeps attendees abreast

of what is happening in the developmentally disabled community. 

6.Marvin Calida who works in our Ramita home received the prestigious Service Above Self Award from the San Andreas Regional Center.

7.Our 15th home, the Hatikvah House, is now home to six new individuals who will grow and thrive in their new environment.

8.Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to raise enough money to begin the process of purchasing Home 16.

As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, we are hoping to open our 16th home. Staffing shortages continue to pose a problem for growth which will need to be solved. With the cost of living so high in our county, the need for housing for intellectual and developmentally disabled adults continues to be at a critical level. Our goal is to be part of the solution.

Although we have raised the funding to purchase our 16th home, we are still seeking funding to provide the renovations, furnishings, and possibly a larger down payment to make the home a great place to live for the intellectual and developmentally disabled adults who will live there.

LSA homes provide exceptional community living with a staff that provides care second to none. The individuals in each home make them unique.  

Here is the experience of one of our families:

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We began our search to find our son, Mason, a residential care home many years ago.  Our search included the entire State of California and beyond.  Setting out we knew what we “wanted” and what we “hoped for”; however, never could we have imagined what we would “find” at LSA!   

Last July, we received a call that there was an opening at the Ramita Home. We could hardly believe it as the Ramita Home was everything, we “wanted” and “hoped for” in a residential care home.  What we also would “find” at LSA’s Ramita Home is the incredible caregivers who passionately care for the residents; the amazing staff who run the day-to-day operations seamlessly, very clean accommodations, and a home where each of the housemates are safe and respectful of each other while living harmoniously underneath the Ramita Home roof.  We also would “find” that the Ramita Home has awesome parental involvement hosting Ramita Home BBQs and Ramita Home Clean Up days among other organized events and celebrations.  Our dream was to have Mason live in what could resemble a fraternity house where Mason’s housemates would be his Fraternity Brothers.  The Ramita Home definitely has a sense of brotherhood filled with respect for one another!

The transition was extremely smooth due to the awesome staff who engaged with Mason making sure he felt at home!  Mason loves to be with people, enjoys the outdoors, amused by all things Disney, likes hiking/baseball/bowling and going on outings to Santa Cruz & other field trips with his housemates.  His new life at the Ramita Home is simply amazing and to see him thriving in the wonderful LSA Community fills our hearts with gratitude, joy, and comfort. 

With your help and support, LSA will continue to make a difference in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities for the next 20 years and beyond. We hope we can count on you.


Dana Hooper

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Executive Director

There is no better place for our son or anyone’s son or daughter who has a disability than LSA. To us, LSA stands for “LOVE SURROUNDS ALL” because LOVE certainly surrounds ALL residents at LSA.

You can donate online at  or mail in a check or credit card donation to: 

Life Services Alternatives

260 W. Hamilton Ave.

Campbell, CA 95008