LSA’s Little Big Supporter – Riti Sudharsan

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Life Services Alternatives has many supporters that makes the quality of community living possible for the LSA residents. Amongst this group of compassionate souls, one stands out – Riti Sudharsan.

Riti is studying 4th grade and started running with the OmRun kids group. She was very happy to run 100 miles in last year’s LSA’s fundraising event and she’s excited to run her 5th 10K for LSA Run Home this year.

Riti wants to be an entrepreneur when she grows up and reading from books, she wants to start early. During the pandemic she tried hand sanitizer but given the high alcohol content in it and her preference of being natural doesn’t align very well. So, in summer 2021 she started making handmade natural soaps. She tried quite a few experiments with family before finalizing her initial fragrances. Being involved with LSA and InclusiveWorld in the last couple of years, supporting both of these organizations was always in her mind. She is donating 10 cents for each soap that she sells and she is ready to deliver her first donation to both organizations.

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This is Riti’s website –

As the holiday season approaches, all LSA patrons can use Riti’s soap as a gift for their loved ones and in the process will benefit LSA and InclusiveWorld.

LSA’s Run Home is in the final stretch and just over 10 days left to complete your run or walk (If you haven’t registered, don’t miss the chance to virtually run/walk as Team LSA’s Run Home.  Sign up below or by using this link:

The larger goal of this run is to raise funds for  LSA and to support the residents of the 15 homes LSA runs in Santa Clara County. For more details check out our website.

Team LSA appreciates all the donors and the supporters who can help spread the LSA cause with their friends and families during this wonderful upcoming Holiday Season.