LSA’s Non-Residential Services

What are Non-Residential Services?

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Regional Centers are non-profit agencies that provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Through the regional center, one is able to access community-based day programs, in addition to many other services such as transportation, respite, and education. A person’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) allows access to services that provide I/DD individuals the opportunity to get involved in the community or learn skills that are in line with the goals of their IPP.

LSA’s Community Integration Training Program (CITP)

Day programs provide individuals with the ability to develop significant life skills which include learning how to socialize with others, learning how to establish self-help/care abilities, developing employment experience, improvement towards bettering behaviors, and becoming aware of how to utilize community resources. 

CITP, also known as Community Integration Training Program, is an outside day program that allows individuals with developmental disabilities to acquire security within themselves through stimulating activities. LSA’s CITP program allows participants to volunteer in their local community to complete skill-building activities such as gardening and landscaping, janitorial duties, serving meals, organizing, and office tasks. Completing these tasks has created independence and self-stability in the lives of CITP participants.

Adults with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to create independent lifestyle choices with the CITP program. In addition, LSA gives I/DD individuals the opportunity to live a more active lifestyle that keeps them occupied and content! Training them for career-related fields helps them grow and gain life-changing skills, stability, and improved personal health. 

LSA ensures that CITP offers a quality experience, by hiring staff who are well-trained and ready to take on a 1:3 staffing ratio. LSA’s CITP program currently has 15 participants and nine volunteer sites, including Agnews Museum, Family Giving Tree, and Sacred Heart Community Service.

Transportation Services

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A person’s IPP includes services of transportation to be able to travel to day program sites. Those with developmental disabilities can access specialized transportation and public transit in order to participate in these programs along with assistance when entering and exiting the vehicle. Overall, this service is a great resource for those who want the opportunity to participate in these programs without having to worry about relying on an individual to transport them. 

LSA acquired two vans in 2021 with the help of a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Final Rule Grant to provide efficient transportation for those who want to attend community outings. These vans are used by multiple homes and are an additional transportation choice to ensure LSA residents are able to participate in their community programs.


LSA’s CITP Program

DDS Non-Residential Services

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