Meet Natalie & Priscilla

More than two decades ago, LSA McKendrie Home twins Priscilla and Natalie were born at just 27 weeks. At four months old, they began showing signs of both epilepsy and cerebral palsy. With their enduring medical needs such as gastronomy tubes, tracheal tubes, and for Priscilla, a visual impairment, their mother Jennie knew that the twins would need specialized care as they approached adulthood.

Priscilla & NatalieShortly after their tenth birthday, the girls moved to an intermediate care facility in San Jose, but it was important to Jennie that she find a long-term home environment for her daughters, where the staff was both loving and well-trained to handle their special needs. Jennie heard about LSA through the San Andreas Regional Center, and began pursuing placement for Priscilla and Natalie.

The twins moved to the McKendrie Home in 2011, and have become healthier, more active, and more communicative, thanks to the teamwork of the LSA staff and their care network. The girls regularly participate in community outings and can communicate in their own special way with staff, who are skilled at providing preventative care. “LSA has been a godsend for me and my family,” Jennie says. “[The girls] have had way less hospitalizations…so that has made their lives easier.” She explains that LSA staff members are skilled at treating the minor medical issues her daughters encounter, rather than rushing them to the ER – where they would often end up being admitted. “My assessment is the talent and care at LSA is at a higher level,” she suggests. Jennie was also concerned about the unfortunate possibility of having to place the twins in separate homes. “It is very important that they remain together,” she notes. “I am at peace knowing that they are in good hands.”