Meet Pam

Pam is a joyful woman with a pleasant disposition who enjoys talking with others and sharing stories. As a senior living in one of our Rivermark Homes, Pam leads an active life style. Weekly, Pam visits the Santa Clara Senior Center to socialize with friends, and bowls at the local bowling alley with her roommates. She also regularly goes to the movies, gets her hair and nails done, borrows books to read from the local library, and spends time with her brother Paul and sister-in-law Suzie.

But life hasn’t always been this way for Pam. When she arrived at Rivermark, Pam was struggling with serious health issues. She couldn’t walk due to being extremely underweight and weak. She also struggled with seizures and was in and out of the hospital because of persistent infections.

Due to recommendations by our dietitian, a personalized exercise program developed by our physical therapist, Pam’s hard work, and caring LSA staff who implemented the program daily, Pam is back on her feet again and thriving! Despite having to use a walker, she doesn’t let it get in the way of doing the things she loves and enjoying an active life style. Congratulations, Pam, on your persistence and accomplishments!