Service Levels of Community Care Facilities (CCF)

LSA's Humbolt home. The point of view is from the front yard where you can see the Humbolt house with the front lawn, accessible pathway leading to the door, and some trees and plants.

What is a Community Care Facility (CCF)?

Community Care Facilities provide 24-hour, non-medical, residential care to adults with developmental disabilities. This kind of care comprises assistance with daily living, personal services, and supervision. 

Types of Service Levels in a CCF

Each CCF is vendored by a regional center and is given a service level depending on the client’s living needs. The specific service levels are defined by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) as follows:

Service Level 1: Limited care and supervision for persons with self-care skills and no behavior problems. 

Service Level 2: Care, supervision, and incidental training for persons with some self-care skills and no behavior problems.

Service Level 3: Care, supervision, and ongoing training for persons with significant deficit in self-help skills, and/or some limitations in physical coordination and mobility, and/or disruptive or self-injurious behavior.

Service Level 4: Care, supervision, and professionally supervised training for persons with deficits in self-help skills and/or severe impairment in physical coordination and mobility, and/or disruptive or self-injurious behavior. Service level 4 is subdivided into levels 4A through 4I, in which staffing levels are increased to correspond to the escalating severity of disability levels. 

Types of CCFs at Life Services Alternatives

LSA provides Level 4C, Level 4F, and Adult Residential Facilities for Persons with Special Health Needs (ARFPSHN) Community Care Facilities. The ARFPSHN homes are also known as 962 homes, and are a model to help to support people with enduring health medical needs in a community care facility. 

How Do I Know What Level Care My I/DD Family Member Needs?

In order to find out what CCF service level your developmentally disabled family member needs, you will need to contact your Service Coordinator at your local regional center. Your local regional center will determine which service level is appropriate for your I/DD family member. If you already have contacted your Service Coordinator and have a family member that is in need of a Level 4C, Level 4F or ARFPSHN home, please join our LSA family interest list. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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