Sitara (LSA’s Run) Home – Madhu & Ranga Ranganathan

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Sitara is our 35 year old daughter, and has a history of developmental disabilities and challenging medical issues. As Madhu and I have aged, one of the questions we have always asked is who will take care of her when we are no longer alive. We strongly believe it is not fair to put the burden on the two loving brothers SItara has, even though they will be happy to take care of her.

Back in 2015, we started a difficult search for Sitara’s future home. As parents who want the best for our daughter, we had many requirements, such as all female, day and night care, safe neighborhood and well maintained. Madhu explored many homes homes all across Northern and Southern California. Across all the homes we visited, none of them gave us confidence that they would be suitable for Sitara. At last, one of Madhu’s associates referred us to LSA’s open house at their Cambrian home, and everything about it fit Sitara’s personality. It was all female, clean, spacious, and incredibly well maintained.

Susan Leritz and Dana Hooper showed us the care taken to make these everlasting homes, and the rigor used to identify professional staff who are experts in taking care of special needs adults. We were convinced that this would be the long-term home for Sitara. Since 2015, Sitara has been living in the Cambrian home with her 4 other housemates, and we can see the joy on her face every time she talks about the home.

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In 2020, I had the opportunity to serve on LSA’s board member, and have enjoyed fundraising and influencing the growth of the foundation that gave my daughter the experience she has today. I have also been able to blend my passion for running and LSA through LSA’s Run Home event. I have been running, coaching and organizing races for 4 decades now, and in 2020, I was able to organize the first LSA Run Home. As it was during COVID, the run was virtual, but we were still able to raise considerable funds to support the foundation.

In 2022, we moved from a virtual race to a live one, and have been able to include the adults within the LSA homes. It is always moving to see these adults, even those on a wheelchair, enjoy a walk outside, and to give donors the chance to interact with the individuals they are supporting. Whether one runs or walks is immaterial, as the intention is to have everyone come and show their support for these adults, and the job LSA is doing to care for them. All the proceeds from the races have been used to support the development and rollout of a 15th and 16th home in the Bay Area to house further residents.

A few stories about the staff: 

  1. When COVID was at its peak, every home was attended 24×7 by the staff and they sacrificed not going to their families during that time, as they took care of LSA residents. The LSA organization made sure the staff and residents had a safe environment to live during the difficult period.
  2. We celebrated her birthdays (2020, 2021) at the back yard of her Cambrian home and in no time a party setup was done by the staff.
  3. When Sitara had some serious medical issues earlier this year, she was so comfortable being cared for by family members that today includes biological and LSA family staff! She gave a hard time to nurses and others in the hospital and rehab center, but when an LSA staff was present, even the new setting became like an LSA home to her.
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We are  blessed to be part of the LSA family, but we are constantly reminded of the several families who are in a similar situation like us – some are searching for homes for their loved ones, and some are still trying to convince themselves if a community home is right for their loved ones.

Developing and maintaining new homes, as well as training staff to meet LSA’s quality requirement requires resources that are increasingly getting exponentially expensive, especially within the Bay Area. This is not possible without the generosity of our donors. Every dollar donated goes into the care provided for these adults, and provides quality living conditions. LSA is operating and thriving in the midst of several providers who are closing their doors due to the high cost of getting, maintaining homes and employing quality trained staff. Despite facing similar challenges, LSA is committed to provide quality care and lifelong homes for adults with developmental disabilities. 

 LSA recently purchased its 16th home in Morgan Hill. Your support has been a major driving force behind LSA furthering its mission and goal to open one home a year. This shared commitment to making a difference in the life of an adult with a developmental disability is a legacy to be proud of. 

That being said, please join us for LSA’s Run Home on Sept 9, 2023, at Baylands Park Sunnyvale. Sprint, run, walk, donate, or sponsor to support us in any way you can! Your participation helps LSA fulfill its mission to create homes and change lives. Register today by visiting