Steven Minchen

Steven Minchen – LSA Board Member & Parent of LSA Resident

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Steven’s son, Mason
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Steven Minchen

When my wife and I began our search for a lifelong home for our son Mason, we never imagined we would find a place like LSA. In July 2021, we received a call that there was an opening for Mason and we soon found that it was exactly the type of place we were looking for. With incredibly passionate caregivers and a safe, clean home, we knew Mason would be happy and well taken care of. Not only does Mason have the space and support to be independent, he has respectful housemates that contribute to the harmonious environment of the Ramita home. In addition to housemates, families of the Ramita residents often get together for barbecues and clean up days to ensure all of the residents feel the support of all families. LSA has created a wonderful model that encourages independence and familial relationships between residents and staff. 

Without the support of donors, this opportunity wouldn’t be possible for Mason or any of his housemates. Community support allows Mason and all other LSA residents to thrive in a safe and loving environment while maintaining close relationships with loved ones and forming new relationships that encourage growth. Your support has allowed our son to form a brotherhood founded upon mutual respect and support for one another’s goals. 

As a parent of an LSA resident, I felt compelled to join the Board of Directors to further support the organization and adults like my son Mason. As a member of the board and the Chair of the Resource Development Committee, my hope is that LSA continues to receive the community support they need to provide exceptional housing and programs for adults with developmental disabilities. To make a difference in the life of an adult in your community,  join me at LSA’s fourth annual Home is Where the Heart is fundraising event on May 20. To register for this free event or make a donation, click the button below.