Summer Activities for Individuals with IDD

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Summer is officially here and LSA couldn’t be more excited! LSA residents and CITP participants are thrilled to enjoy the warm weather and fun summer activities. Read further to learn more about summer activities for individuals with IDD. 

Amusement parks are enjoyable all year round, but especially when the sun is out. Parks such as Disneyland do a fantastic job at creating an inclusive environment for all who visit. Read more here about how you can help your loved one with IDD get the most out of their trip to Disney. A few of LSA’s Calle Viento residents 

LSA residents often visit amusement parks such as Great America, Gilroy Gardens, and even Universal Studios! 

One of the best things about summer is getting a nice sweat going. Whether you prefer to walk or jog, summer is a great time to train for LSA’s Run Home, a 5k and 10k race taking place on Saturday, September 9 at Baylands Park. Visit to register yourself and the family and get ready to walk, run, or roll into the fall season!

Sporting events are a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the summer sun. While stadiums may present challenges for an individual with IDD, they often have wheelchair accessible ramps and seating for an optimal viewing experience. Similar to visiting an amusement park, packing items such as ear plugs, favorite snacks, and fidget toys may help your loved one with IDD feel comfortable at the game.

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Speaking of sporting events, an LSA game day is coming up on Monday, July 31 when the SF Giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks. Join residents, staff, families, and day program participants for a fun Friday evening at the ballpark. Join our mailing list below to receive the link to purchase tickets!

Although not as fun as an outing, the summer is as good a time as any to improve one’s social and daily living skills. Karen Wang, a mom of one neurotypical child and one neurodiverse child, created a summer schedule that not only provides her kids with fun activities everyday, but also increases their independence. From learning how to scrapbook or garden to practicing listening skills, this summer is sure to be fun! Read here to learn about all of the 82 summer activities for your loved one with IDD.