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Together WE are Creating Home, Changing Lives

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Our first step to creating an LSA home is purchasing a house! Our homes house 4-6 individuals, and each resident has their own bedroom, so we search Santa Clara County for a large home in a welcoming, safe neighborhood. It’s important our residents enjoy a sense of community while also maintaining the privacy they need to thrive.

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Once we have our house, renovations are often needed to make it a comfortable and accessible home for residents. It’s very important residents can move about their home with ease. As part of the renovation, we look at opportunities to open up the living space and upgrade existing infrastructure.

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Still, our houses are not homes until our residents can move in with all the amenities they expect in a home…a comfortable bed, furnishings and everything else needed to create a welcoming environment. Each resident has their own room to personalize and make their own.

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Our staff complete the homes for our residents. We place a great deal of energy into screening, hiring and training the 15-20 care providers in each home that are with our residents 24/7. We’re proud that our staff embrace the inclusive environment LSA families have come to expect with the absolute best care.